a quick Cal Strider before heading to bed (this has been sitting unfinished for to long)

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dirk strider probably buys shitty hentai on dvd and keeps it on this huge shelf intermixed neatly with his regular anime series box sets

it’s het hentai. he can’t even get off to this. he wouldn’t get off to this if he could. it’s still his and he will cherish it forever and sometimes play it in the background when company comes over, just because

the dirk strider ambience is horrible hentai playing in the distance

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oh my god i cannot for the life of me find a picture of this fucking shirt anywhere else on the goddamn internet what the fuck is happening

i tried googling but all i found was people worrying that hot topic selling homestuck shirts is going to make young teens get into homestuck


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your do good jokes!! both in like character interactions and stupid dialogue, and obvs im basing this off your free fic here, but your rin is so fun to read bc you get the awkward and the grumpy down equally well. as someone else (micky??) said, you characters never feel flat

also oh man i forgot to publish this. THANK YOU dude, jokes and good characters are literally all i care about

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They’re selling homestuck shirts at hot topic, brace yourselves a storm is coming kiddos.


There’s your proof, that was on my IG dash.

Actually, this is official! This was the shirt that Hot Topic picked to put in their stores after the WeLoveFine contest! No need to be mad!


…Except they fucking whitewashed the artists work and you should be even more mad…


are there clearer photos??? it def looks whitewashed but that photo also looks filtered as hell.

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and something cute to make up for the sads!!

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i didn’t like Terezi so much first, but now i have the biggest crush on her ; - ; afldkg i should be drawing other stuff, damn you homestuck.

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haha ok. so i dont really notice writing style? in a very specific way? but the most noticeable thing about your fanfic to me is that i never feel like i'm reading characters that have been simplified so they can be crammed into a fun romance story, yaknow. it feels very authentic to the characters, authentic to Real Emotions, and still manages to be very funny when you want it to be. a pretty rare combo in fanfic, in my experience!

:3333 thank you micky!!!!!!

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what is the most noticeable thing of my writing style?



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what is the most noticeable thing of my writing style?



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