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I made this because i love to suffer

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shelby drew this for me

there it is, the endgame ship of homestuck

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This is a lie. You hate Journey.You hate the way that John in slowdance mode snuggles his cheek next to your temple and holds you in front of everyone and doesn’t even care,how both of you by now have worked out the exact shuffle of each other’s bodies so if you step on his feet you are doing it on purpose. You hate how he locks his arms low on your waist tighter than an airplane seatbelt. You hate how if you both were any closer right now, you’d be epidermally fusedor“Doing It.”

You hate how instead of biting off an ear and punching his snout, you kind of deadweight your head on his shoulder and pretend you are having a nap. You are sure this brutal act convinces everyone around that you are not “cuddling”. You have never cuddled. You will never cuddle.

its 20fucking14 (please click through!)


reminder that this image exists

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sierra and mardy are so extremely cute that i had to draw this based off their gif post like holy whoa can you guys get even more precious

Terezi and the Lawful axis


My mental definition of the lawful axis is “adheres to an internalized standard of correct behavior” rather than “adheres to the law as established by some external governing body.”

Because that second thing is not necessarily very useful or interesting as a character descriptor. There can be a lot of reasons to do that, and they often say less about the person than about the governing body. Under that definition, your alignment changes when the world changes. Or just when you step over the Tennessee border.

So, consistency is the important thing here. So the Chaotic axis, I define as “does what feels right, which might be very different from what felt right in similar circumstances yesterday.”

John and Vriska are chaotic! They may make rules and goals for themselves - John: “don’t use your new powers to alter the nature of reality”, Vriska: “defeat Lord English and become the Big Damn Hero” - but they’re willing to discard them without worrying too much about it. Kanaya and Karkat are lawful; they hold themselves to standards and beat themselves up over it when they fail them.

The defining thing here is what causes you guilt, I think. Vriska doesn’t feel guilt, in the way most people would recognize it. She just regrets her actions when they start causing problems for her. John feels bad when he sees that his actions have had negative consequences for others, but he can fuck something up in re his own standards and not feel bad about it, as long as things turn out okay.

Whereas Karkat and Kanaya are so invested in doing things “right” that they feel bad about “failures” that haven’t caused any problems, or even that aren’t entirely within their control. (They both define “keeping these idiots in line” as their responsibility - and that is, of course, impossible.)

The thing about Terezi is this: She’s not actually Lawful! She’s not innately emotionally invested in her own standards in the way that Karkat and Kanaya are. She breaks off her relationship with Vriska because Vriska hurt and killed innocent people, then cheerfully leads John to his death. She feels (a little) bad about that only when Davesprite tells her off about it. For most of the story, “justice” is a role-playing game for her - she enjoys following the rules, but they’re not a part of her.

Then she kills Vriska, and she finds out about guilt. She did not know about that stuff before! Dang.

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In mostly unrelated news, please tell me I am not the only person who watched Hannibal and thought this is basically a troll romcom.

#so much murder flirting guys#so much#hannibal#homestuck#in which an empathic lowblood solves crime with the help of a highblood#who happens to be one of the killers he is hunting#includes a metric fuckton of artistically presented deaths#no fewer than one cannibalism joke an episode#and pitch flirting not suitable for those under eight sweeps#and so forth

i’d argue it’s more effective as a pale romcom than a black one. hannibal just wants will to realize that he is ~so dangerous~ and needs to be ~hardcore shooshed~

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The truth is out there.

wake up homestucks

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